Frequently asked questions

I'm putting on a stage show and need a photographer for publicity photographs, can you help?
Absolutely. I can capture rehearsals, dress rehearsals, press nights and posed publicity shots too. Final images are sent to you usually within 24 hours of the shoot. The turnaround can be quicker if required so let's discuss this first.

We have a sports event coming up shortly, would you be able to take some photographs for us?
I'd love to - just let me know when and where and I'll get it in the diary (if I'm available).

Do you provide photography services other than for theatre and sport?
Yes I do. I can provide a wide range of photography services including portraits, events and weddings. Feel free to give me a call or drop me an email outlining what you need and I'll happily respond.

What does it cost to hire you as a photographer?
Rates vary depending on the project, however, a typical rate is £180 for the first three hours, then £50 per hour thereafter

I represent a charity and don't have much funding for photography, do you provide a special rate for charities?
I do provide a special rate for charities, please call me and I'd happily discuss this with you.

What kind of photography equipment do you use?
I use the latest high-end professional camera bodies and lenses from Canon. This means I have the capability to capture action in low-light and daylight conditions thus producing a quality image for you.

I need some head shots for my university application, can you take some for me?
Yes, definitely. I can shoot head shots using either natural light or flash with my mobile studio.

I need to get some new photographs of me and my colleagues for our business website, can you take photographs with a clean white background?
I have a number of different backgrounds available for photo shoots including a white background for those clean, corporate head and shoulder shots.

Do you have your own studio?
I don't have my own studio as yet, but this is something I plan to do in the future. I do however have a small mobile studio that packs into the back of my car and can be set up in a relatively small space, whether that's at home or at a business.

Do you charge expenses if you have to travel?
It really depends on where I'm required to travel to and whether there's a need for overnight accommodation etc. Happy to discuss for your specific project.

What do I get for my money?
As each project is unique, I would agree with you exactly what you need, before the shoot takes place.

Do you provide an online gallery that I can share with family and friends?
Yes, your images can be uploaded to my website where the content can be password protected so only those who you would like to share the photos with can have access. 

Can I order prints directly from your website?
Yes, if you see a photograph you'd like to purchase, click the BUY button to access the online store. You can then choose from the many printing options available. All printing is managed by Loxley Colour, a multi-award winning professional photographic laboratory based in Scotland. They will print your order and ship it directly to you.

Can I download an image from your website to use on social media?
Yes, as with ordering prints, if you see an image you'd like to download, choose the BUY button and select Downloads | Personal Photo Licence. You can then select one of four available sizes:

Web size (640 x 480) is suitable for small websites such as Facebook or Twitter profile pictures
Low Res (1MP) is roughly 816x1224 pixels, about big enough to print as an 8x12
Hi-Res (4 MP) version is approximately 1632x2448. It’s big enough to make a 30x40 print
Original size is exactly that, the size of the original image as stored on the website

Can I purchase your images for use in a magazine or newspaper?
Yes, there is a Commercial Licence Download option available. Please ensure this option is selected and you review the licence details prior to downloading.

I need a photographer for an event I'm organising but don't know where to start, can you help me?
Feel free to give me a call and I can talk you through what to expect if you hire me for the event.

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